Topic 7 Alternatives to computers and the Internet: Interactive Radio Instruction

Yes indeed it’s true that computers and internet help us, it is inevitable that sometimes it fails. In case this time happens ,we can use alternative such as Interactive radio.Interactive radio instruction (IRI) is a distance education system that combines radio broadcasts with active learning to improve educational quality and teaching practices. First developed in 1970s in Nicaragau by Standford University,funded by the United States Agency for International Development

IRI or Interactive Radio instruction is an instructional tool designed to deliver active learning by radio. Lessons are developed to guide the teacher or facilitator and students through activities, games, and exercises that teach cautiously structured knowledge skills.

During short pauses built into the radio scripts, teachers and students participate in the radio program during the course of an academic year, often more than 100 times in daily half-hour lessons, reacting verbally and physically to questions and exercises posed by radio characters. Actual formats vary according to the subject and grade level being taught. Learners also participate in group-work, experiments, and other activities suggested by the program. In this way, IRI exposes learners to regular, curriculum-based content and models effective teaching and activities for teachers.( Ho and Thukral)

It was designed to be one of the comprehensive, multichannel learning systems. Multichannel learning is based on the conviction that successful learning is more likely when more than one channel is used because people learn in various ways and through various means. In addition to radio-delivered instruction, IRI enriches the learning environment by engaging resources already available to create a blend of good teaching and learning practice. ( Ho and Thukral)

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