Topic 6: Technology and assessment

Technology can also be used to assess our learners. Assessing the students nowadays is much easier. Tools for assessment were used.

Tools for Assessment

It provides instructors with tools  for building online assessments.It includes multimedia, use different questions types,and be scored automatically.

MS word can be used to emphasize text by highlighting it,make annotations on the screen without changing the document.

Clickers (personal response systems) allow students to select anonymously an answer to multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no questions displayed by the lecturer. Students choose their answers on transmitter units that send a signal to a receiver attached to the lecturer’s laptop, and the results can be displayed for the whole class to see.

Classroom assessment is critical to any learner-driven–as opposed to content-driven–education. Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) provide crucial feedback from students about their on-going understanding of course material.

This is an extensive site focused on electronic portfolios as an alternative tool for assessment. This site is developed and maintained by Dr. Helen Barret at the University of Alaska Anchorage


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