Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology

Technology makes our life more convenient. It change a lot the way we live,our life style and our preferences in life, even our priorities. On the other hand, it leads us to a greater challenge as an educator, and that is to choose the best tool for teaching.  It also affects education into two ways: first ,by offering new resources to engage students in learning, and second, by giving them an opportunity to learn about the new technological fields, leading to jobs and to a greater understanding of how these fields affect the world.

Technology is an advancements in the methods and tools we use to solve problems or achieve goal.In the classroom,technology can encompass all kinds of tools from low-tech pencil,paper and chalkboard to the use of power point presentation,tablets and conferencing tools and more.

Technology helps us in many ways such as:

  • Online Collaboration tools
  • Presentation software
  • Tablets
  • Course management tools
  • Clickers and smart phones
  • Lecture and capture tools

Efficient use of technology includes concepts, skills, and issues. Technology is indeed a big help to the quality of classroom instruction, as long as it is used wisely.

Technology enhances learning in various ways here are some benefit of technology.

  • Enhance the presentation of the concept.
  • Stimulate Learner participation.
  • Help students visualize problems.
  • Help learners gain access to a wide range of information.
  • Build Community
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These are the examples of how technology helps teaching and learning process.⇒

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WEEK 3 Connecting Student Learning and Technology

WEEK 3 Connecting Student active learningLearning and Technology

Computers are attractive in the eyes of our learners.  Educators of today’s generation should not take for granted the importance of technology in teaching; it is a big challenge to the part of educators to keep students’ enthusiasm in learning.

Using different strategies in learning will create a big impact. This could be possible through the use of technology and variety of strategies. Therefore, different strategies can be employed to develop and hone student’s full potential. Active learning strategies should be maximized in the classroom.

Active learning involves students in doing and thinking things and thinking about what they are doing (Bonwell & Eison ,1991 p.2) . It is also a technique that can be integrated into lecture or any other classroom setting relatively easily. This technique also helps reinforce concepts and skills. It is also provides more feedback from the students.

Here are some good points about active learning:

  • Addresses different student learning styles.
  • Teacher is just a facilitator and students are given time to think, talk, and process ideas.
  • It creates a student centered environment.
  • It also allows collaboration among students.

Some Active Learning Activities:

  • Think Pair and Share
  • Free Write/One minute Paper
  • Question and Answer Pairs
  • Focused Listing
  • Two Column Method
  • Scenarios / Case Studies
  • Reciprocal Questioning
  • Roundtable
  • One stay , Team stray
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Corners
  • Shared Brainstorming

Integrating Technology and active learning techniques would help students learn effectively.

To know more about active learning please visit these websites:



How can the use of technology support improved teaching and learning in the Philippines ?

Improving our teaching and learning process is quite a big task. Technology at this time is a big help.  We are now facing 21st century learners, the type of learners that are ‘’Digital Natives”. Therefore, if teachers use technology properly it would really help learners to learn effectively.

How can this happen? Technology must be use efficiently; teachers must use technology as partners not just as substitute teachers. It should not be used as utility vehicle but as a learning tool. Don’t just let MIM (multimedia instructional materials) to teach learning content instead it should be utilized to promote productive thinking and meaning making by the students.

The following are some of the ideas on how technology help improved teaching and learning process:

  1. Technology helps learners to engage in active learning and encourage them to participate in the teaching and learning process.
  2. Technology helps convey meanings or use to communicate meaning, with the guide of the teachers, messages must be process well so that the exact message could be understood and it would not lead learners to get confused.
  3. It supports construction of knowledge:
  • Represent ideas
  • Produced organized multimedia knowledge bases of learners
  1. As a channel of information for exploring knowledge to support learning such as accessing needed information, comparing perspectives, beliefs and views.
  2. With the help of technology students can acquire 21st skills that are necessary for their survival and lifelong learning.
  3. It helps students and parents increased opportunities for individualizing, customizing and providing access to education through virtual or distance learning.
  4. It helps also teachers to make teaching and learning process easier, teachers could easily discuss lessons and explain concepts through the use of video presentation, pictures, documentaries and other instructional materials.


As technology advances we have to learn how to imbibe it. No more time for refusal, as educators we must use technology to its best, highlight its strengths.